Saturday, August 27, 2011

MRI time again

Kolbjorn's next MRI will be on September 7th at 8:00 am.

I'm actually looking forward to the MRI this time; it'll be good to know what is going on in Kol's head. Kol has been having headaches again recently, which obviously concern us some. I still long for the days when a head ache was just a headache. These are acute but they never last more than about 10 minutes (Kol is reading over my shoulder and told me I should change that to about 10 seconds). We don't even have enough time to get him Tylenol. Kol will sometimes have some water, and by the time he's done drinking it, he says his head is better. He has a high pain tolerance though, so I wonder if it really is gone, or if it's just not so acutely painful.

This MRI will be roughly 6 months since Kol's last treatment. One mom of another child who has the same type of tumour as Kol's pointed out that she had seen a pattern of relapse. Often, she said, new growth appeared on scans at 6 or 9 months post treatment. The kids who make it past the 9 month milestone seem to do better long term. We are headed into a crucial time. We know that every child, every tumour is different, and that Kolbjorn is in God's hands. Thank-you to everyone for continuing to pray for our family and for healing for our amazing son.