Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feelin' hot, hot, hot

Kol has been coming up with titles for new blog posts for the last week, and telling me what I should write about. He chose the title for this post. Our first two days here in Arizona were hot; I think it was somewhere around 38 degrees C, or 97 - 98F. Then, on Saturday, the air conditioning died, so it really was hot. It was a good thing that we had planned to do nothing strenuous those first two days here. It was probably exactly what we needed.

It's hard to believe that we've been here a week already. We've never taken holidays longer than a week before. I think we'll try to take longer vacations in the future, though. It really feels like we're just finally starting to relax and breathe again - and we still have several days left. We've kept busy, but not overly so. We went to the Sea Life Aquarium (very cool), the Musical Instrument Museum (which was incredible: we spent 6 hours there, and Julianna took 300 photos), the AZ Museum of Natural History (and saw dinosaurs). We had a picnic on a pontoon boat at Canyon Lake with Connie and Obert. The kids have been planning on taking Kirk to Organ Stop Pizza ever since we found out we'd be in AZ over his birthday, so we were there the night before Connie and Obert left. We've also done a bit of shopping, been swimming several times, and gone on a short hike - although it was cut short by the wind.

Today was cold and rainy. We woke to snow and fog on the mountains and water on the streets. It was really quite beautiful - seeing cacti, snow, and pools of water all at once. The temperature will be higher at home tomorrow than it was here today.

The kids are having a blast. It's so good to see them all having so much fun. It might just be my imagination, but Kol seems 'lighter', more carefree since we got here. He can finally get to swim, and run, and just be a kid without all of the constant reminders of his tumour. He is very excited that his hair is growing back, and has even gone hat-less much of the time here. He's quite willing to show off his fuzz to anyone who asks. It's a big change from the days when we never saw his scalp because he didn't even take his toque off at night. Sometimes, I've even been able to forget how much Kol has been through in the last year and start to get excited about the future. That's cool.

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  1. Glad you are having so much fun!! We have been praying that you would be able to relax and enjoy it all. Keep having fun. See you when you get back. Actually, we are leaving shortly after you return. We've decided to go to BC for Spring Break/Easter, so we will see you in May!