Monday, June 20, 2011


Here are a few quick notes on what's been happening lately:

  • Camp Circle of Friends: the four oldest kids spent Thursday through Sunday at Camp Circle of Friends on Lake Diefenbaker, and had an absolute blast. It was strange being at home with just the baby - I don't know how many times we said "I miss the kids" to each other! We're glad to have them home now.
  • Neuropsychological screening: we were supposed to meet with Kol's psychologist last week to get the results of his neuropsychological screening, but as luck would have it, the rotating health care worker strike hit the Kinsmen Children's Center the day of our scheduled meeting. We'll have to wait until the labour situation is resolved before we can get another appointment. It's frustrating and a bit disappointing, but it's not a life and death situation - if we have to wait a few more weeks to get these results, it probably won't make any significant difference. I just don't like waiting and not knowing.
  • MRI: Kol has another MRI this Monday (June 20th), along with a follow-up visit with his oncologist. The last few MRI scans have shown no growth in the tumour (or whatever it is that's still left in there), so we're hopeful that this scan will continue to show no growth. In a perfect world, it would show that the tumour has disappeared completely, but I don't dare to hope for that.
  • Birthday girl: June 20th also marks Birgitte's 6th birthday! It almost feels like it sneaked up on us while we've been busy with everything else over the past few weeks, but we're going to do some celebrating on Monday after we're done with Kol's MRI - probably a low key affair on Monday (just the seven of us), with some bigger celebration(s) in the next couple weeks with friends and family. Happy birthday to our big little girl!
  • Children's Wish Foundation: Kol has finally decided on his "wish" from the Children's Wish Foundation - a library clubhouse filled with books! The structure will be built by the shop class at E.D. Feehan high school in Saskatoon, and Kol is now working on a list of books to populate the bookshelves. We've met with the shop teacher who's designing the clubhouse and will be leading the project, and there are some very neat features in store. The only downside is that there isn't enough time left in the school year to finish it before summer, so it will have to wait until this fall. There's a possibility that it might be ready by Kol's birthday in late September - that would make an incredible birthday present for him!
  • On the road: lots of traveling over the past few weeks - many trips to Saskatoon as well as a trip to Christopher Lake and Camp Kinasao. Pity we can't earn frequent flyer miles on the minivan.
  • Brain Tumour Education Seminar: Kristen and I attended a seminar on June 11th put on by the Brain Tumour Foundation, and we're very glad we went. One of the speakers was a pediatric neurologist from the College of Medicine in Saskatoon who specializes in brain tumours - needless to say, we paid very close attention to his presentation! We also discovered that he regularly assesses kids like Kol, so we're going to hopefully get a referral to his clinic.
  • Media blitz: We've really appreciated all the positive feedback from Kol's speeches at the Relay for Life and the Spring Sprint, and I'd especially like to thank our local Outlook newspaper for the interview and the great front-page writeup on the Relay for Life - we've had a lot of comments on that as well! Kol's interview with CTV didn't make it to air (they cut most of the story about the Spring Sprint due to coverage of a stabbing at a night club - "if it bleeds, it leads"), but it was still a fun experience for us.
We appreciate your prayers - for the results of the MRI, for the results of the neuropsychological screening, for our patience. Thank you for your love and support.

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