Friday, February 3, 2012

Greetings from brisk Nebraska!

Today saw us on the road for about 7 hours - not bad, considering that we started in a heavy downpour in Oklahoma, had fog and scattered showers through Kansas, and finished up driving through the possible beginnings of a blizzard in Grand Island Nebraska, with a number of stops for fuel and potty breaks.

Kol had his PET scan this morning - the staff at the scanning center were quite happy to see the difference in Kol's condition since they first saw him three weeks ago. We'll hopefully hear the results of the scan early next week.

Tomorrow, assuming that things aren't completely snowed in here, we'll get on the road in the morning, and hopefully get to Bismarck North Dakota by the evening. Saskatchewan on Sunday!


  1. Wow! You are making great progress! I hope the weather improves for the rest of the journey. Forecast is good for here for the weekend. See you soon. Lots of love from the Linsleys

  2. You are fast! Can't wait for you guys to be home! So glad to hear of the improvement. Drive safe!

  3. We echo the above messages, can't wait for you to be home, safe and sound :) See you soon! Love from the whole Sincennes crew...