Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scan Day

In just an hour or so, we'll be on our way to RUH for Kol's MRI. While the scans themselves aren't stressful, waiting for the results is a stressful time. A mom of another child with cancer wrote that scan time is like putting a bullet into a gun, spinning the barrel and pulling the trigger, hoping that it doesn't fire. Kirk said that it's more like picking up a random gun and firing it, not knowing if the gun is completely empty, fully loaded, or somewhere in between. Either way, it's a stressful time.

On Monday morning, I woke up feeling incredibly anxious and didn't know why. It took me several minutes to remember that the scan was coming and to realize that that was why I was concerned. Last week, I had a dream that there was one thing missing, one thing that we had to do for Kol, between scans. In the dream, I figured it out, and Kol's follow-up scan was clean.

There are so many treatment options - so many things we can do for Kol, but I know the best thing we can do is pray. Kolbjorn's future is, and always has been, in our Father's hands. When you read this, please take a few seconds to praise God - the God of Abraham, who brought the Israelites out of slavery, who performed countless miracles - for the healing He's done in Kol's body, and pray for continued healing and positive results from this scan. We long for complete healing for our precious son. We give God, Abba, the glory for all He's done for Kolbjorn, and for us.


  1. I know I'm a stranger, but I hold you all close in my thoughts and am praying like crazy.

    Kathy from Stoon

  2. Hi Kristen and Kirk.....we are enjoying having all three of our children and our new grandbaby (from England) home this heart is full. Kol is in our constant prayers....a little sign on our microwave keeps him in our thoughts all through the day. Praying for a good result for Kol! Love, Joanne & Jake (BC)