Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kol

My dear son:

Today should have been your 11th birthday. It's the second time we've had to celebrate your birthday without you around. Last year, your sisters helped organize a big party at the church with lots of friends and family, but this year, we're keeping it simple. We'll just be at home, eating some of your favourite foods (at least as well as we can remember, since it's probably been three years since you had much choice over your diet), and doing some of your favourite things (like watching Star Wars, playing Wii games, and reading together). We'll probably cry, but we'll also probably laugh and enjoy our memories of our time with you.

We keep asking ourselves how you would be different now. Would you still like the same things? Would you still be a voracious reader? Would you still be building LEGO contraptions? What games for the Wii would you have begged us to get? Would you have loved the Hobbit movie as much as your sisters have? What new things would you be into that we couldn't guess at now?

We love you, and we miss you terribly. We talk about you every day, and you're always in our thoughts. Happy birthday.

With all our love,
Mom and Dad, Julianna, Mari, Birgitte, and Annika


  1. Happy birthday Kol, please watch over your family as they remember and miss you on your special day!

  2. May God in His Mercy and Love watch over all of you as you celebrate Kol's birthday and mourn the loss of sharing your lives here on earth together. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  3. Happy Birthday Kol
    you are know the Guardian angel that watches over your family and friends who all miss you very much. we will always remember the great times at kinasao

  4. Happy Birthday Precious Boy! I miss you lots, but love thinking about your epic birthday party in heaven with Jesus! Love you buddy!

    Friggstad family: you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I love you guys!