Sunday, November 27, 2016


I love to write.

In a way, I have Kol to thank for that. I started writing so that I’d have something to do during the day while I was sitting around at the hospital, or the cancer center, or at my Grandparents. I created new worlds and characters to go with them, and fantastic stories about their adventures (stories that will probably never be read by the general public). Writing became an outlet for me, a way for me to escape from the reality I was facing.

I haven’t written as much the last few years. Part of it was that I started school and found my time filled with homework and other assignments. Part of it was that I had trouble finding the inspiration I needed.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to start writing again. It was hard to get back to it, but once I started, I knew it was what I needed to do. I also knew what I needed to write about: Kol. I’ve been wanting to write his story for awhile now, but I wasn’t sure I could do it. But now, I feel confident that this is something I can do. I’ve also set myself a deadline: May 2017, five years since he died.

While the book will talk about the years Kol was sick, and his journey through the treatments, I also want it to talk about Kol apart from the cancer. I want it to talk about the little boy who couldn’t put a book down. I want it to talk about the boy whose Star Wars knowledge rivaled my dad’s. I want it to talk about the boy who was obsessed with LEGO. Most importantly, I want it to be about the boy who affected so many people’s lives.

And that’s where I need your help. I want to include your stories. I know that so many of you have a favorite memory, or two, or three, or more, that you can share. Some of you may also have pictures. So I want you to send them to me. Send me your stories and your photos. I will collect them and include them in this book. Your stories could be just a couple sentences or a full page. They could be from before his diagnosis or from when he was sick. They could even be about some way you saw him affecting your life or others’ lives after he died. They can be funny, happy, or inspirational.

Please send your stories and pictures to my email, Be sure to include your name, so that I can properly give you the credit for your contribution to the story (if you wish to remain anonymous in the book, just let me know). If you send a photo, try to include the date when it was taken (if you know).

I also know that many of you will want to read this book when it is finished. While I haven’t been able to figure out the details, I will try my very best to make sure that the book is available to the public, and will put the relevant information on the blog when I have it.

Thank-you in advance for your help, and happy writing!


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