Thursday, November 4, 2010

A cat and a dog and a mouse. Oh - and a piano guy.

I know I've talked about play practice before, but I don't think I've explained what is happening.  Most of our family is involved in Equinox Theatre's latest production.  It is a double feature of two children's plays: 101 Dalmations, and The Aristocats. Kolbjorn and Mari are both in 101 Dalmations, and Julianna is in The Aristocats.  Kirk is the piano guy for 101 Dalmations.  There will be four evening shows and a Sunday matinee, from November 17th to the 21st.    

There have been practices twice a week since early September.  Kolbjorn has missed a lot of practices, due to his house arrest, but he's been working hard at home, practicing his lines and his solo, and listening to the guide vocal track CD.  The director and producer have been wonderful, allowing him to be in the play in spite of all of the missed practices.  He is so excited about the play.  It's great to have something for him to be excited about, and a goal for him work towards.  He has Mari to help teach him the choreography and blocking, and Kirk to help him with the music.  Birgitte has heard the CD so much that I think she knows the music better than Kol and Mari.  Kol told me to say that he definitely disagrees with this statement, however, she is constantly singing Dalmations songs - usually at the top of her lungs.  (Just a side comment about Birgitte - it's been wonderful to see the musical side of her personality again - she'd stopped singing and playing the piano while she was on the anti-epileptic medication.)

The plays were originally slated for the spring, and Kol and Mari had both auditioned then.  The play was postponed to the fall, and then came Kol's surgery.  In the days at the hospital after the surgery, we never imagined that Kol would be able to be in the play.  It's wonderful  - a miracle, really, that he has recovered well enough to be involved.  Another cool thing - some would say co-incidence, although I chose to believe otherwise - is that the performance dates match perfectly with Kol's treatment schedule.  His blood counts should be back in the normal range by the 11th, or 12th of November at the latest, just in time for the dress rehearsals.  He will start another round of chemo (and more house arrest) on November 24th - 3 days after the last performance. 

Tickets went on sale a week ago today, and I've heard that close to half the tickets are sold already.  If you'd like to come see the kids as a cat, a dog and a mouse, we'd love to have a visit.  You can contact The Outlook for tickets, or contact us, and we'll try to get tickets for you.  Our contact info is accessible from the "Contact Us" link on the top left side of this page, or you can just click here.


  1. Kirk & Kris,
    It's really good to read the in-depth information as opposed to just snippets on the telephone. We are sad that the timing for Mette's birthday party doesn't work for you guys, but we are so happy that the timing for the play does work. We are praying that nothing like a stupid 24-hour flu will interfere with him participating in the play.

    Love & prayers,
    Bo, Miena, Mette & Davin

  2. The kids and I are looking forward to seeing the plays. See you on the 18th!


  3. How awesome and fun for the family!! Wish I could come and see it. Good luck to you all and enjoy (after all the hard work)!