Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We have a date!

We have a date for Kolbjorn's next MRI.  It will be on December 21st.  We were hoping that it would be in November, but it seems the MRI suite is busy, and since Kol is doing well, he can wait.  He is scheduled to start his 4th cycle of chemo the next day, so we won't have to wait long for the results of the MRI this time.

Please pray that the results will be positive.  Obviously, we'd love it if the tumour were completely gone.

Whatever happens, we know that Kolbjorn is in God's hands.  He's shown us that over and over again since May 28th.  When I first started reading about aggressive brain tumours, I read stories about kids that didn't make it through their treatment - in fact, I found that many children died between 5 and 6 months post diagnosis.  My goal for Kol was to make it past that milestone, because I felt that if he made it that far, his odds would be much better.  Five months and two days ago, we received the pathology results on the mass in Kol's brain.   Kol is doing well now, and unless something suddenly goes horribly wrong, he will easily make it past that 6 month mark.  God is Good.  Thank-you for all of your prayers on our behalf up to now, and please don't stop.  There is still an aggressive tumour in Kol's head, and given the chance, it could continue to grow. 


  1. I will be thinking of you all as you await Kol's MRI and results and will be hoping and praying to hear good news.


  2. Hey Kristen, I have been praying for you! And, I agree with Jackie in prayer to hear good news on the MRI!

  3. Hi Kristen, I have been meaning to write to say that I keep your family in my prayers constantly. I am in Edmonton with my Dad who is battling bone cancer. It is so meaningful to spend Remembrance Day with my Dad. He was a bomber pilot with the Lancaster Bomber Squadron during WWII. He survived being shot down over Berlin, prisoner of war camp and the 500 mile death march across Europe at th end of the warm. He is a fighter. When I am with him in his radiation treatments it reminds me of Kol and how brave he has been (kids are so incredibly brave). Thank you for continuing to keep us updated.