Monday, March 14, 2011

MRI coming up!

It's hard to believe that we're approaching 3 months since Kol's last MRI.  His next MRI will be Monday, March 14, at about 10:00 am. I thought that each scan would be easier once we knew what to expect and became more accustomed to the routine.  I thought that we would be less apprehensive in the time leading up to the scan and while waiting for the results.  I was wrong.  It's been more stressful so far.  Maybe it's because this MRI has even more significance than the last one. There are many things that depend on the outcome of this scan, including future treatment decisions. The last MRI was basically diagnostic, and had no effect on the treatment plan.  This time if there is anything on the scan, Kol's oncologist will meet with his neurosurgeon to determine whether any remnant may possibly be scar tissue, if it requires further surgery, or if what remains is in too sensitive of an area to operate.  The oncologist may also want to/need to consult with oncologists in other centers to determine possible next steps. Because of the possible need for Kol's Dr. to consult with others, we won't get results until the week after the MRI.

The results of this MRI will also determine whether Kol will be able to get travel insurance, and be able to travel to Arizona to visit Kirk's parents in April.  If all goes well, we hope to be able to spend a week or two on holiday.  Kol's Dr. said that we should try to go to Arizona no matter what the results of the MRI, so we'll try to get it all organized. Birgitte's and Annika's passports should be arriving some time next week, and we'll book tickets when we know the MRI results.

The Outlook music festival starts a week after the MRI as well, and the kids and Kirk will be performing. All 3 "big kids" will be doing a piano trio together, Kirk will do a piano trio with Mari and Julianna, and Kolbjorn and Kirk will be doing a duet together. Julianna, Mari and Birgitte will be singing and Julianna and Mari are playing in band. Mari is in the school choir. It would be good if we don't have to miss any performances to get the MRI results. It is a busy time, but the kids enjoy music, and we're trying to keep things as normal as possible.

Kolbjorn is doing incredibly well.  We've noticed that there is some fuzz starting to appear on his head, and today the girls were pointing out that Kol even has a bit of a tummy - he doesn't look quite so skinny.  I'm not sure if he's actually gaining much weight - we'll find out tomorrow.  He's even able to joke about all he's been through.  Sunday morning in church as part of the children's message, the pastor played "Simon Says" with the kids.  The pastor said "Touch your hair." without saying "Simon Says."  Then he asked who touched their hair. Kol pulled off his toque (which he almost always wears, even when sleeping) and loudly exclaimed "I don't have any hair!"  After the laughter died down, the pastor pointed to his own head, smiled and said he didn't have any either.

We pray that the MRI will be clear - that there will be no remaining tumour, no scar tissue, and that there will be no new spots.  We pray for complete healing.  Please pray with us.  We covet your prayers and your support at this time. On Kol's last scan, there was a spot in the ventricle - it was still about 1cm in diameter, and hadn't grown since the previous MRI, and may even have shrunk slightly.  Thank-you for your willingness to stand by us, cry with us, laugh with us, and most importantly, pray with us.  We are still hearing of churches across the country who are praying for our son regularly.  It is humbling, and overwhelming, but we are so incredibly thankful for all the prayers on Kolbjorn's behalf.  We know God is in control, and he has done amazing things in Kol's life, and will continue to do amazing things.

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