Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arizona Photos

From the Musical Instrument Museum, in the experience room.  There were dozens of instruments from around the world that we could try out.   We had a blast, but it was a noisy place!  I apologize for the picture quality.  Some of the blurriness is intentional (like Kol's hand in the first shot, and the gong mallet in Julianna's hand) and some is a result of not being able to use my flash in the museum, and squirmy kids.

 There were literally thousands of instruments on display around the museum, you could spend days checking them out.

 Our picnic lunch on a pontoon boat on Canyon Lake.  It was incredible being surrounded by rock walls and seeing the cliffs rising so high all around the lake.

On Silly Mountain.

 At the zoo.  We have pictures in the clam shell, and under the giant tortoise shell from each time we've been to the zoo.  It's cool seeing how the kids have grown through the years.

 The goats.  Mari, Birgitte, and especially Annika had a blast brushing them. 
 Julianna was content just to sit and watch them.  Closely.  Kol refused to leave the goat pen until he had brushed every single animal there.  

 The carousel at the zoo.  Annika got to ride too, but she didn't like it when the animals went up and down, so we just watched the others.  

 Swimming.  Of course.

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