Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another opportunity to hear Kol speak

Not only will Kolbjorn be giving a speech at the Saskatoon Spring Sprint, he will also be delivering the survivor speech at the Lake Diefenbaker Relay for Life here in Outlook, and then Kol will be leading the survivor's lap.  The survivor's lap is the first lap around the track, walked only by those who have cancer, or who have had cancer and survived.   I am so thankful that Kol is able to walk this lap this year.  We have come a long way in the last year.  God has been so good to us. 

We were very honoured and humbled when Kolbjorn was asked to give the speech.  Kolbjorn is thrilled - but I'm not sure he really understands what it entails.  I don't even know what it entails.  We have been working on writing his speeches today, and will hopefully have them finished so he can practice them several times in the next few days. 

Kirk and 4 of our kids are on the Equinox Cast of Characters team this year for the relay.  Kirk, Julianna and Mari were on the team last year as well, however Kirk and Julianna were not able to participate.  This year, they have a chance to be involved again.  Equinox Theatre is our local theatre company.  Kirk has been involved with several productions in the last few years, and the kids all had roles in the fall production last year.  The Cast of Characters will be walking in costume for the first laps.  For all of you Elvis fans - there are unconfirmed reports that he will be at the relay. There will also be a couple of fairy tale characters, a mouse, a cat, and more. 

If you are able, we'd love to see you at the relay - come have fun, visit with us, hear Kol's speech and show your support.  Mari said it's a fun event, and we're looking forward to it.  If you would like to sponsor Kol, the girls, or Kirk in this event, see the Equinox team page, or contact us through phone or e-mail.  Our contact info is on the Contact Us page - there is a link on the upper left side of this page, near the title of the most recent post.

Lake Diefenbaker Relay for Life
June 3, 2011
Outlook High School track
Program (with survivor speech) 7:00pm survivor lap to follow
Luminary ceremony at dusk (around 10:00, I think)


  1. Awesome! Khaya wants to come walk with Kol after the first lap. Can't wait to hear his speech.

  2. wow, teared up just reading this. Go Kol!