Thursday, September 8, 2011

A busy day

Wednesday was a long day, but overall it went well. We arrived at RUH around 7:20am without incident - despite my fears, there was no feeling of hostility or dread upon our arrival at the parking lot. We got through admitting quickly, and Kol went into the MRI around 8:00am. By 10:00am, we were at the cancer center for bloodwork and a routine checkup, and by noon we were on our way back to my parents' house where the rest of our mob was staying. One more run back to RUH at 3:00pm for an audiogram (as certain chemotherapy drugs can cause hearing loss), and then we were on the road back home. We stopped in Vanscoy to have supper at Robin and Quinten's restaurant, had a great visit with them, then got home and got the kids to bed. Eventually.

In all my feelings of anxiety Tuesday night, I forgot just how much we appreciated the staff at the Cancer Center. It was like meeting old friends again when we arrived. The staff there all commented on how much hair Kol has, how he's put on weight, and how much taller he is. Strangely enough, it almost felt like a homecoming. It was definitely not what I was expecting to feel, and it was very welcome.

Kol was great. He was thrilled to see the staff at the Cancer Center again, and even managed to handle two "pokes" - one for the IV for the MRI contrast, and a second one for the bloodwork at the Cancer Center. Back in the early days of his treatments last year, before he got his PICC line, the "pokes" were very traumatic for him (even with a topical anesthetic cream applied beforehand), so we were especially proud of how well he took the needles today. It was also great to see Kol chatting and joking with the staff - he was so lively and animated, and he looked like he was among old friends.

The bloodwork and audiogram results were all good, so all we're waiting for now (as usual) are the MRI results. Kol's oncologist said we should probably hear from him by Friday with those results. Time to be patient.

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