Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy birthday Kolbjorn!

Today Kolbjorn celebrates his 9th birthday, and I am reminded of all the dark moments over the past 16 months where doubt of his survival quietly screamed from the corners of my mind. We are so incredibly blessed and thankful to be able to celebrate with him today, and we dare to hope to celebrate many more birthdays in the years to come.

We're also anxiously awaiting the delivery of Kol's library clubhouse - a 10' x 10' structure that will go into our back yard, with lots of bookshelf space, and a good-sized selection of books to start stocking those shelves. It should be here by the end of this week, and we hope to have a combination community birthday and clubhouse-warming party shortly - we'll have details up here very soon.

And from a year ago, here's a song that a random stranger on Reddit wrote for Kol's birthday - I still love listening to this.
Kol, the force is with you
Kol, to the Jedi code be true
King Kol, inside your lego castle
If you need subjects I'll be your vassal 
It's your birthday Kol, you're one year older
Every day may you get stronger and bolder
It's your birthday Kol, we're here together
Through easy sailing and stormy weather 
Kol, give your lightsaber a swing
Dodge the blasters and hop into your x-wing
[Guitar solo]
The force will always be with you...


  1. Happy Birthday Kol!! We hope you have a fantastic day.

  2. Happy Birthday Kol! Best wishes for a wonderful day from the Weitermans

  3. Happy Birthday Kol! Hope your library arrives soon and that you get a lot of books to read! Have a great day.
    The Peters