Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello from Calgary!

Kol is in Calgary (along with Kristen, Annika, and me - the other girls are at home with their grandma in Outlook). Tuesday morning he goes to the Evans Centre for Dental Health for assessment, and assuming all goes according to plan, on Wednesday he'll have all his mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a more bio-compatible (to Kol) material. This is all part of our ongoing work to keep Kol's immune system in "fighting shape".

Oh, and since we're in Calgary we'll probably visit IKEA. I don't think we're bringing any sofas or bookshelves home with us, but the back seat of the van is empty, just in case.

And I've just discovered that there is an Apple store in the mall approximately 750 meters from the Evans Centre. I suppose this is one of those opportunities to practice self-control. Or maybe one of those opportunities to bring home a SHINY NEW MACBOOK PRO AND A PAIR OF 27 INCH THUNDERBOLT LCD MONITORS AND A FANCY GLASS AND ALUMINUM DESK FROM IKEA TO PUT IT ON AND A JUMBO BAG OF DAIM CANDY AND FISH BALLS AND OTHER SWEDISH DELICACIES BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAA....

...*ahem*... as I was saying, an opportunity to practice self-control. And to practice my grumpy "daddy can't get the new toys he wants" face. My family knows it well.


  1. You guys are great! I hope all goes well for both kol and Kirk! Have fun

  2. so you told us to check he blog... you haven't really made any thing clearer about what you got