Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home again

56 hours and 1200 kilometers later, we have arrived back home from Calgary. Kol's dental work went quite well - all his mercury amalgam fillings have been safely removed and replaced with composite. He also received intravenous vitamin C as part of the mercury removal protocol, which meant that he had to drink a lot of water afterwards to help flush out his system, which meant that our drive home from Calgary was frequently interrupted by "the call of nature".

The rest of our stay in Calgary was enjoyable. The hotel was good - it won't be winning three or four stars in any travel guides, but our room was clean, the staff was friendly, there was free WiFi, and the beds were comfortable. IKEA was good for the most part, except for the disappointing discovery that they no longer carried Daim candy - after spending the necessary few hours walking through the store, I was really looking forward to getting a big bag of Daim. The Apple store was amazing - I got to try out some different Mac systems and iPhones, and we got a recommendation for a good drop-resistant iPad case - but the only thing I brought home from there was a list of what I want to buy if I win the lottery stumble across a backpack full of unmarked $20 bills get a few good programming gigs.

As much as we enjoyed this trip, the best part was still arriving at home, seeing our "missing" girls, and having our family together once again. Be it ever so humble...

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  1. checking in a little late.... the clubhouse is AMAZING!!!!