Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MRI and travels

We just got the date for Kol's next MRI - Friday, December 2nd, at 3:00pm. We'd appreciate your prayers, if for nothing else than our nerves. The last MRI indicated that there may possibly be new growth, but Kol has been feeling fine, with no unusual headaches or any other symptoms, so we're not too worried... but yes, we are still a bit nervous.

Also, we realized that we hadn't mentioned our upcoming travels - in less than 48 hours, we should be in the air on our way to California! We're going to be there for five days with my parents - our itinerary isn't set in stone yet, but we're planning on a couple days at Disneyland, a day or two at Legoland, and hopefully a day at Sea World in San Diego. The kids are also looking forward to seeing the ocean for the first time, although I don't expect we'll do any swimming (except maybe at the heated pool at the hotel).

We're all getting pretty excited - it should be a great family time for us, and any excuse to get away from snow and ice is just fine by me!


  1. So happy for you guys that you get this break! Enjoy it all.