Monday, May 21, 2012


Kol had a rough night in the hospital. Despite getting IV meds for pain and nausea, he still threw up a few times, and still appears to be in pain - it's hard to say for sure, as he has been quite "non-verbal" most of the time.

Then this morning, Kol had what appeared to be a seizure - his body got very stiff and his eyes rolled up. His doctors say this is likely due to the tumour putting pressure on the brain, and are recommending adding anti-seizure medications to the painkiller and anti-nausea drugs that he's already getting. He has also been moved from his room on the ward to a room in observation, as some of the new meds need to be watched closely at first.

This also means that our "overnight" stay is being extended at least one more night. We're hoping and praying that it won't get any longer than that. Thank you all much for your prayers and support.

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  1. �� I'm prayin for ya guys!!!! Hope he gets better and the cancer goes away!!!' prayin hard!!!