Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crisis over

Kol and I are back home again.  Kol was just in the hospital for observation overnight, receiving IV fluids.  We also increased his pain medication, so he's back to himself - mostly.  He is receiving morphine pretty regularly, which I'm not pleased about, but at least he's not in as much pain.  I'm hoping that the morphine is just a temporary thing, but it may not be.  He's apparently at a relatively low dose, so that's encouraging.  We were able to bring some IV supplies home with us, so that we can give Kol IV fluids ourselves in the future, if Kol gets dehydrated again.

I'm glad we got Kol the IV liquids.  Right after the IV was started, I came home and got Kol his blanket, some snacks, and his medications - which I absentmindedly left on the table on our way out the door.  When I got back to the hospital 30 minutes later, Kol was much more active,  was moving easier, and was much more communicative than he had been when I left.  It was great to see.  It was a long night, but it was a good one, too.  I stayed at the hospital, in a hide-a-bed, and Annika stayed with me.

I'm not sure what caused the dehydration/vomiting in the first place - and that worries me some.  It could be several things, or a combination - who knows.  1) He could have had a touch of the flu, but he didn't have a fever.  2) We just started him on some new medication which can cause nausea, but shouldn't cause vomiting.  In people who respond to the treatment, it can cause tumours to shrink rather quickly, which could cause vomiting (as the brain adjusts) but Kol's only been getting it since Tuesday, and it's not supposed to work that fast.  3) The tumour itself, if it starts to grow too big, can cause vomiting as the brain has to adjust to the cramped space. 4) We ran out of one of Kol's supplements - one that is used to reduce inflammation.  We had ordered more but it took longer than expected to arrive, so he missed several doses of it.

Probably our biggest concern, however, is more pronounced weakness on Kol's right side.  We've noticed that he he hasn't been using his right hand as much in the last few days, and when he smiles or talks, the right side of his mouth doesn't move the way it should.  He had very pronounced right side weakness after surgery.  It's not as pronounced now as it was then, but it is noticeable.  He can make the muscles move on his face if he concentrates, however, and his grip strength is equal in both hands, so that is encouraging.

Thank-you again for your prayers, and we hope to see you at the healing service this Friday night.


  1. Praise God! We've all been praying. I'm so glad to hear he's doing some better. Dehydration makes things awful. Hopefully he'll continue to improve.

  2. I continue to pray for K and your family.

  3. Praying for Kol and your entire beautiful strong family. Much love.

  4. We continue to walk with you (albeit across the miles) are in our conversation and our constant prayers. Love, Jake & Joanne

  5. We will continue to pray for you all for Gods provision no matter what that is from moment to moment, and for strength and healing... Perry, Barb and Ryder