Sunday, December 2, 2012

Candle lighting December 9th

Shortly after Kol's death, Kristen and I attended a support group in Saskatoon for bereaved parents called The Compassionate Friends, and have continued going regularly since. It's been good to be able to talk with other parents who have lost children, to hear their stories of how they're coping, and what they are doing to honor and remember their children.

This coming Sunday (December 9th), the Compassionate Friends have their annual Worldwide Candle Lighting event. At 7PM in each time zone around the world, candles are lit in memory of children who have died, and kept lit for an hour until the next time zone lights their candles. It's a "wave of light" that goes around the world for 24 hours. While we won't be joining in the Saskatoon group's get-together this year, we will be observing this at home, and we'd like to invite you to observe it in your home as well if you're able. At 7PM in your local time zone, simply light a candle and keep it lit for an hour.

We will light our candle in memory of our dear son Kolbjorn. We will light our candle in memory of my brother Eric and our nephew Dag. We will light our candle in memory of all the kids we've met or become aware of through various cancer and brain tumour support groups who have lost their battles. We will light our candle in memory of all the children who have left their earthly home far, far too soon.


  1. Know that we will have a candle glowing brightly for Kol...
    The Fisher's

  2. Beautiful. We will be lighting a candle for Kol too. We still pray regularly for your family. Love you all.

  3. Dear Kirk & Kristen & Family: Thank you for sharing with others such significant parts of your life journeys. So many people have been touched & inspired by your blog, directly & indirectly. It's reminded me that loss is both a universal & unique human experience, and how Love (in its various forms) can transform, uplift & connect us all. A candle will be burning brightly in my home this Sunday evening... Cousin Theresa T.

  4. We will light a candle in our house in memory of Kol. We might not be back home at 7 but we will light it when we get home. We continue to think of you all and you are in our prayers. Conny

  5. We lit a candle at the church banquet. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
    Betty & Tony