Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And then there were none!

Kol went out with a bang today. Kristen had asked the radiation therapists on Monday if we could bring in a few balloons to celebrate Kol’s last radiation treatment. They decided to take charge of the celebrations themselves.

Today, when they came to get us from the waiting room, one of them was dressed up in a black cape and Darth Vader mask:


Kol arrived at the radiation therapy suite to find more of them with various Star Wars accessories, including blasters and clone trooper helmets.

While Kol was in treatment, they set up a balloon drop and handed out noisemakers, and when he came out of the treatment area, they let them drop:



After celebrating (with a CD blasting “We Will Rock You” and “Taking Care of Business”), all that was left was for Kol to ring the bell:


For those not in the know, this is a tradition in the radiation therapy department – there’s a bell mounted on a plaque in the hallway by the waiting room, and when someone has their last radiation treatment, they ring the bell, and everyone applauds.

Thanks so much again to the “Meadow” team for taking such good care of not only Kol, but all of us.


The rest of the day was filled with fun – we went out for lunch, gave Kol some new LEGO, went out for a movie, and then ordered pizza for supper.

The future is still uncertain, and this is only a short break – we’ll be back at the cancer center in about five weeks to start a more intense chemotherapy regimen (that will last for about six months), with a follow-up MRI in late September. But all of that can wait – for now, it’s time to relax, head up to the lake for a bit, and just enjoy a quiet time together.

This was a good day.


  1. SO heartwarming! The smile on his face says it all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us.

    My dad died from brain cancer so to be able to cheer on Kol and support him with my prayers is SO healing.

    You are LOVED in Montana.

  2. This post was so heartwarming..For many reasons..People always complain that nurses are overpaid but they are the MOST underpaid people ever. (my nephew spent 6 weeks in the hospital and his nurses were so wonderful). Also because it is so great to know Kol finally gets a reprieve from his treatments...It is great keep up with your blog and thanks for sharing it.. And I love the video blog but next time Kol dont let dad hog the camera...:) From all of us at Cassies house.

  3. By nurses I should have included ALL medical staff..What they did for Kol is really more then what someone expects...It is so nice to see the excitement on ALL there faces in the pictures.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful celebration with us! What an amazing group of people...they see so much and yet rise to the occasion to make this an amazing celebration for Kol...I am humbled by these people. Kristen and Kirk we celebrate you as well...you have courageously walked through this supporting your brave little guy....we see God's grace working in you.

  5. What a heart warming story. It's great to see the staff "going the second mile" to celebrate with Kol and his family. Thanks for sharing. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you have a break from treatments.

  6. So great to see the staff going that extra bit for Kol! This indeed was something to celebrate! Enjoy the break, enjoy the lake! Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  7. Way to Go Kol!!!!! We hoped that you would ring that Bell LOUD! It's a Great Sound for Everyone to hear! What a party you had -thanks for sharing the pictures! You must have been a wonderful patient to get such nice nurses. Friggstad Family Enjoy!!!! - looks like you might get some good weather for the lake- Awesome!!!
    God is so Good:)

    From Joshua and the Clark families

  8. We are celebrating with you!
    Enjoy your time at the lake!

    Thank you for our brief visit when I was in Outlook, Kristen. You are an amazing woman.

    A repost: I was trying to get rid of my picture :P

  9. So glad for you to be completed this part of the journey! Praying that the next five weeks would be a time of refreshing for your wonderful family!

  10. Hello there! We are so glad that the treatments are over, and hope that Kolbjorn will get well soon! We are all praying for you, and are looking forward to next post on your blog. I read it every day.

    Best wishes and tons of love from your whole family in Norway

    Ingunn Marie

  11. May the force be with you young padawan!

    Love your fellow Jedi,
    Aaron, Kieran, and Quinn Friggstad

  12. Way to go Kol!! What a great party that looked like. We are so happy that you can head up to the lake for awhile-have a great time. MarkandDarcandgirls