Monday, August 23, 2010

It's wonderful to be home

We are at home.  All seven of us are together, in our house, at the same time.  And we get to stay here for more than just a day or two.  We get to sleep in our own beds, eat our own food, clean up after ourselves, and do our own laundry.  It's wonderful.  It's ordinary.  It is truly a gift.  Even the arguing and tears as we deal with pent-up emotions are wonderful.  I can breathe again.

We had a great few days at the lake.  I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but we promised the girls we would be there to pick them up from camp.  It turned out to be a much needed break.  The girls did an awesome job in the musical they learned at skills camp and it was great getting to see friends from the lake again.  Kol had a blast seeing his 'best friends' and all of the counselors from last year.  We got to go tubing (my arms are still a bit stiff), and Mari even tried to water ski.  I realized how hard it is for me to just sit and do nothing but be with the kids.  I felt guilty just sitting - I kept thinking that I should go find something to do - like read one of the books we've been given, clean the kitchen, or write a blog post.  It was a good lesson to learn.

Tomorrow Birgitte has a follow-up EEG, so some of us will be making another trip to Saskatoon for that, but then we have no more medical appointments scheduled until Kol's MRI on September 23rd.  It will be nice to be able to spend a large chunk of time being normal.  Normal is good.

Birgitte seems to be tolerating her medication well, but we have noticed several behavioural changes in the last few weeks that we're not happy about.  It's hard to tell if they are due to all the changes, travelling, and upheaval throughout Kol's treatment, or if it is due to side-effects of her medication.  I hope we can figure it out soon, though.  I miss Birgitte.

I'm working on another blog post, which should be finished soon.  I was hoping to get it done today - but I'm going to go spend time with the kids, so it won't be.  It's also getting really long; I have so much to say.  It's about Blessings.


  1. Hi Kristen...late Monday night and you have been in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I was happy to see a new update and I feel blessed to share in your journey...thank you for making ordinary days special as you make a normal life for your kids. Praying for your little Kol...and thanking your family for honoring the Lord in this journey. You are amazing!

  2. Hello from Hans' Godmom
    I continue to follow your blog and I continue to pray. Thank you for communicating with so many in this way, even when it is difficult for you to do so.
    I was so touched by your account of Kol's last radiation treatment day and how the staff were exceptional in bringing a light hearted approach to it. In fact, I would like to send them a note of appreciation. I am a nurse myself. I was proud of these individuals and would like to tell them so. It is not always easy being a caring caregiver and I would simply like to acknowledge their special care to your special Kol. Could you please send me a mailing address? My email -
    God does work through the kindness of people. Prayer makes a difference. It is good to hang onto these truths.

  3. oops - my email should read:

  4. Good to hear how content you all are. We are continuing to pray for good test results for Birgitte & Kol.

    love & prayers,
    Bo & Miena