Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Kolbjorn!

Eight years ago we welcomed our son into the world. On Saturday, we celebrated with friends and family. Lots of friends and family. We didn't actually do a headcount at the party, but we started going through names of people that we remembered seeing at the party, and came up with over 50 kids and at least as many adults. A number came in costume - Jedi knights, Darth Vaders, bounty hunters, clonetrooper, princesses, droids, and Ewoks all made appearances (although we didn't get pictures of many of them - if we were to do this again, we would make sure to get someone to take more pictures, we were too busy visiting and trying to keep things organized!)

The stormtrooper piñata didn't work out as well as we had planned - the glue gave way after only a few hits. The kids still had fun scrambling for all the toys, though, and in a way it was a blessing that it broke when it did - it would have taken forever to give 50+ kids all a chance to hit it.

In the time between the cake and the piñata, we set up a bunch of activities and games for the kids, including LEGO building contests, Star Wars coloring sheets and papercraft, and "Pin the X-Wing on the Death Star".

It was a very memorable occasion. Thank you to everyone who was part of it!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.....wish we could have been there with you.....thanks for posting the pics and to you all.....

    Jo and Greg

  2. Our daughter, Niamh, shares Kol's birthday and is two years older. How fun! The birthday party looks like fun! Love, prayers, and Aloha!

    The Gallagher Family