Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some answers

Birgitte's mysterious fever isn't quite so mysterious this time.  The tests she had done on Friday showed that she has a bladder infection.  Because it's not her first bladder infection, the Dr. wants to look into doing some follow-up tests to see what might be causing these infections.  We have another appointment for that on Tuesday.  So much for the month with no medical appointments. 

Birgitte's fever has been much lower yesterday, and today, so that's been wonderful.  She is still having strange symptoms, some of which can be attributed to the anti-epileptic drug, and some of which are as of yet unexplained.  At least we have some answers now. 

Birgitte didn't like the needles for the blood tests she had.  She and Kol now have something in common that they can both compain about. It was neat seeing how she had more understanding for what Kol's been going through, now that she had a glimpse of it herself.

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  1. Hi Kristen...thinking of you this week knowing how busy it is with kids starting, school and all the activities starting up. We continue to pray for Kol and for your family. : ) Jake and Joanne