Monday, September 20, 2010

It's party time!

In the early dark days of Kolbjorn's diagnosis, there were times that we wondered if he would live to see his next birthday. What a long way we've come from there! Kol's birthday is just about here, and so we're throwing a great big party - to celebrate his 8th birthday, and to say thank-you to everyone who has kept Kol and our family in their prayers, encouraged and uplifted us, and supported us in so many ways over the past four months. In Kol's words, it's a "birthday slash thank-you slash anyone-can-come party". Consider this your official invitation.

The party is Saturday September 25th from 2:30 to 4:30 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Outlook. Please consider this your invitation to come and join us - there will be games and activities for the younger folk, and fellowship (that's Lutheran-ese for "coffee and treats", for those not in the know) for the rest of us. Kol wants a Star Wars theme to the party (at least the kids part of it), so if you want to dress up as a Star Wars character, go for it - and if not, that's just fine too. Gifts are unnecessary - if you feel compelled to part with some money on this occasion, there are a number of charities that could use it more than Toys 'R' Us (see the bottom of this post for our suggested charities).

To hear this information presented in a much more rambling fashion, please watch the video below (with apologies for poor video and sound quality again). See you at the party!

Suggested charities:


  1. Well.........I was wondering if I could hire you two up to do a commercial for me. I am so sorry that I will not be there for the party (cousin reunion in Lethbridge - first one ever) but I will be there in spirit. I would come as Princess Leia if I could although I am probably more of one of those little men in the brown robes with sparkly eyes kind of girl. I know I will be missing a great time. - Mrs. Weiterman

  2. We so wished we could have been there but Aaron had to be at a conference today. Tell Kol we wish him a very happy birthday!

    - Aaron, Angela, Kieran, Quinn and Eden

  3. Dear Kol:

    Wishing we could have been there to celebrate with you - we know you will have a really fun time....."may the Force Be With You!"

    Next time we are home visiting, we will come and see you and your family. Happy 8th Birthday Kol....this is a Special One for you!!

    Love and All Things Good For You
    Your (Older) Cousins,
    Joanne and Greg from Calgary
    (Sam, Avi and Azi's grandparents)

    p.s. We thank God for your special party today and that it could be all that you hoped for

  4. Kol I hope you had an amazing time at your Birthday party and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from the girls at the Meadow.