Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colds, flu, new plans

We're just getting ready to go to Saskatoon.  I'm finding it hard to think about anything other than the MRI.  We're more worried that we thought we'd be; certainly much more that we were for the last one.  We knew last time that the last MRI wouldn't tell us much.  This one is much more conclusive.

Kol has had a cough since his radiation - the radiation probably caused some irritation.  He usually only coughs a bit in the morning and evening, if he goes inside/outside, and if he runs.  It's gotten worse in the last few days.  He had trouble sleeping last night, and woke coughing several times.  I have also developed a cough and congestion over the weekend.  We don't know what this means for the MRI.  The coughing might prevent Kol from being able to lay completely still, and they won't sedate him if he has any chest congestion. 

Mari ended up with the flu last night.  It is probably the worst time to get it.  She is upset that she has to miss the OES concert.  She would have been singing in the choir and playing with the band, but she was awake much of the night and has been sleeping most of the morning.  Also, Kol's immune system will be getting weaker after the treatments on Wednesday and Thursday, so if Kol gets it from her, or if the flu goes through our family, he could be really quite sick.  I just hope the immune support we have him on will be enough. 

We don't know what our plans will be for the holidays at this point.  The plan at this point is to spend them with the Friggstads.  We may just end up at home.  Home is good, too - especially when you're sick.  It's a good thing that we're flexible.

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  1. Oh dear,
    Khaya has gotten that flu too. He was up all night and is also upset to be missing the OES concert. I hope Mari feels better soon and will pray no one else gets it. That's what I'm doing for us too, but so important for Kol not to get sick. I have the cold you have so I will pray for you especially as I can't imagine trying to go through all that feeling the way I am now. Prayers and Hugs for you all. Merry Christmas too! No matter where you spend it, it's about HIM, not us.