Thursday, December 30, 2010

MRI results are finally in

We got Kol's MRI results this morning. There isn't really any big news - the tumor hasn't grown, it may be slightly smaller (but not significantly). There isn't any way to tell from the MRI how much of the tumor is dead tissue or how much of it might still be active. There will be another MRI in about three months (hopefully late March or early April, depending on how the radiology department scheduling is).

Our take on the results? We're relatively encouraged by the results - while we would have loved to have seen it significantly smaller (or completely gone, in a perfect world), we're glad to see that it hasn't grown. We'll just continue to be patient, and have faith that it will all work out in the end. Oh, and try not to get ourselves quite as anxious about the next MRI.


  1. Praise God !!!!
    No growth is AWESOME!!!

    L D & J Clark and family

  2. As we enter 2011, we think of you and your wee family. Encouraged by your blog posts. I think of how your lives have changed since May and how you have been an example to all of us. May the Lord bless you as you close 2010. We continue to pray for Kol. My siblings and I have been with Dad at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton for, I think, for 47 days now. I didn't know what the word 'courage' actually described when people associated that word with cancer...NOW I do. I cheer on your courageous little Kol...thanking the Lord that he is a fighter!