Thursday, December 23, 2010


We still have no information from Kol's MRI, and it's likely we won't hear anything until his next chemo day next Wednesday. I'm not sure if the results are delayed due to the holidays, or if it normally takes this long for the results and either things were unusually quick last time or (probably more likely) we are remembering it wrong. Either way, it looks like we just have to continue being patient and living in suspense for the next week.

Speaking of suspense, we can now continue playing the "Who's gonna puke tonight?" game with our remaining contestants - Julianna, Kolbjorn, Kristen, and me. Our last winner, Annika, kept us on our toes from about 1:30am until 6:30am today. There's nothing quite as much fun as a sick kid, except for a sick kid who isn't able to give you enough warning to get a bucket in front of them.

I sound like I'm complaining here - yes, we're feeling quite tired, and a little frustrated, but really life is still pretty good. Kol is still in good health, and we're actually optimistic that he's going to avoid this bug - the nurses at the cancer center told us that the kids in treatment somehow manage to be less susceptible to the flu, so that bodes well for him. With any luck, we'll all be in good health for Christmas Eve.

And seeing as this is will probably be our last blog post before Christmas Eve, I just want to wish you all a happy Christmas. God bless you all, and thanks so much for your love, prayers, and support this year.

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  1. Oh I hope they are all well for Christmas! We are playing right along with you. Our only contestants left are Greg, Ellie and myself! Last night we had the other 3 going!

    Merry Christmas you guys!!