Friday, May 28, 2010

Arriving at the hospital

It took much longer to get organized to leave town than I thought. We made a couple of stops, picked up Mari from school, and left. Mom took her car to Robin's and left it there for later. I picked her up there. We arrived at the hospital around 4:00. We visited a bit with Lorne and Darlene in the cafeteria, who had been a great help to Kirk before I arrived.

We went up to the observation room on the pediatric ward and got to see Kol for the first time. We had been told that there were only 2 people allowed in to see him at a time, but the nurse let us all come in. He had ceramic disks glued to his head with circles draw around them in purple marker in preparation for the MRI, which had yet to take place, an IV in his left hand, and wires taped to his chest. There was a monitor checking his vitals, and an IV pole beside the bed. Kol was tired, whiny, and didn't have much to say. Big surprise. He really wasn't feeling well. The girls each got to talk to him and give him hugs. After we said our hellos, a different nurse came in, and sent the extra people out so the girls and grandma went to the playroom.

The porter came to take Kol to the MRI around 4:45. We left the kids in the playroom, and arranged for Auntie Robin to meet them later in the cafeteria.

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