Friday, May 28, 2010

Kolbjorn in ER in Saskatoon

From Kristen's email to family, early Friday morning:

We took Kolbjorn in to the ER tonight. He had a severe headache, and vomiting - he had gone almost 2 days without being able to even keep water down. He has had recurring headaches the last few weeks, and was in to the Dr. for them once before - but the headaches usually only lasted about a day, and then he was fine again. This one didn't go away. He was referred to the pediatric ER at RUH for testing. The Dr. here said they would be doing a spinal tap, but that hasn't been mentioned by the the Drs. in Saskatoon yet. Kirk took him up, and I stayed home with the girls. He is getting IV fluids, and they gave him an IV migraine medicine, which apparently didn't help much. Last I heard from Kirk, they had just just started giving him morphine to help with the pain relief.

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