Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out of surgery, resting, so far so good.

From an email sent by Kirk to family members late Saturday afternoon:

Kol came out of surgery at around 3 today, and came up to the PICU at about 4:30. He is still pretty groggy, but he was responding to simple yes/no questions, and isn't intubated (they thought he would have to be intubated for a day or two after surgery, so this is very good news). The surgery went well - no major complications, the surgeon believes that it may have been a slow-growing tumor, which means that the chances of it being malignant are relatively low, but we'll still have to wait for the full pathology reports in a week or so.
We've had a busy afternoon since I sent that email - Kol's sisters arrived (along with Robin and Grandma Sandra) and got a chance to visit him. Shortly after that, Steve, Krista, Thane and Hadyn all arrived as well and got a chance to see him. Kol slept through most of the visits, but it was still good to see everyone. We also had a visit from Dan and Audrey just after we talked with the surgeon but before we got to see Kol, and the Lutheran chaplain (Ron Bestvater) also stopped by in the midst of the family visit.

We're both feeling quite tired right now, but hopeful and relatively happy. Everyone has gone for the evening now, so we're going to get some much-needed downtime (and some supper too!). More updates later, and maybe we'll get around to filling in some of the gaps here. Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and support - it's been overwhelming to realize how many people have been praying for Kol and for our family in the last couple days.


  1. Hello guys,
    Just a note to say that we too and our circle of friends are praying for your family. Here's to understanding everything that is going on and to a speedy recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We serve a good God who can see us through all things! Darla, John, Anne-Marie and Eli Collins

  2. Miena and Bo FriggstadMay 29, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    We are so thankful to God for bringing Kol through the surgery in such good shape! We have been praying, not only for him, but for all of you during this stressful time. I have been asked to pass on to you that my mom Jan and her church prayer chain have been praying for you, as well as grandpa & grandma McKellar and their Bible study group, Tom & Karen Nosterud, and some other family & friends of ours. We don't know when we'll be able to make it to S'toon, so for now, Mette is making a get well card that we'll put in the mail to Ob & Con's.

    Love & prayers from
    Miena & Bo

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Peter and Gaylene Haugen and family.

  4. praying hard for you and kole. love mark darci and girls

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated. We've been praying and thinking of Kol and you guys. Glad to hear that surgery went well and we pray for a speedy recovery. We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Jackie,Al,Landon & Avery Douville