Friday, May 28, 2010

Waiting for CT results

From Kristen's email Friday mid-morning:

Right now, we're just waiting. After the morphine, Kol slept, and they were planning on releasing him this morning, but he woke up whimpering again at 6:00 - 1.5 hours after the morphine was stopped, was nauseous, and his head still hurt. They then decided to keep him longer and do more tests. He went for a CT scan this morning, and I'm still waiting to hear the results of that.

As of now, we're just planning on trying to keep things as 'normal' as possible. Mari is at school, and Julianna will go to her voice lesson. We'll go to Saskatoon after lunch. This weekend is the tour-de-kinasao, and Julianna was planning to bike, Kol+ Birgitte walk, and Kirk and Mari are stationed at a check stop. If Kol improves today, Kirk will take the 3 big girls to the lake, and I'll bring Kol home when he's released, or I'll stay in the hospital with him. If we find out that this is more serious, we'll deal with it then, and let you know if we need anything.

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