Monday, May 31, 2010

Obert and Connie are back

Mom and Dad got back from Europe last night, and came up to visit Kol at about 11:30. Kol happened to be awake when they came, got a great big smile when he saw them, and gave them a big hug. It was so good to have them visit.

I went back to Mom and Dad's around 1AM, while Kristen stayed the night in PICU - we'll likely trade tonight, so Kristen can get a good sleep. My alarm on my watch apparently didn't go off, so I slept longer than I had planned - but I was awoken by my cell phone beeping, as apparently there were some problems with a web server that some of my clients are hosted with (fortunately, the problems appear to be at the hosting facility, so there's nothing I need to do to resolve it except wait for their sysadmins to fix it).

Kol was getting tired and grumpy last night - we get the impression that he's tired of the constant neuro checks (where the nurse checks his pupils, asks him to move different parts of his body, etc.), Kristen noted that he's got his "I'm not going to co-operate" look on his face. It's frustrating, especially for his nurse, but at the same time it's another bit of the old Kolbjorn showing through, so in a strange backwards way, it's encouraging.

Time to wrap this up and get ready to go up to the hospital. Thanks as always for your prayers and support.


  1. Hi all. Thanks so much for keeping us posted Kirk. It is so encouraging to hear that Kol's personality is shining through! Ella and I were hoping to stop in for a quick visit today but unfortunately she has the flu. Please give Kol our love. We are praying for "our friend Kol" and his family.

  2. I hope you feel better. I am worried about you. I hope you get to come home soon.I am missing you all and wish you were here.