Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy week ahead

This is the first full week of treatments for Kol - radiation treatments each weekday, with bloodwork today (Monday) and chemo on Wednesday, and appointments with a physio therapist, an occupational therapist, and a Developmental pediatrician at the Kinsmen Children's Centre on Tuesday. We also have to try to work around a pre-MRI physical exam for Birgitte on Thursday, and Julianna is going to a friend's birthday party in the middle of the week. We're trying to stay at home in Outlook as much as possible this week, but there will probably be a night or two spent at my parents' place in Saskatoon.

Kol's been experiencing some nausea after the radiation treatments - when it first happened last Wednesday, we assumed it was the chemo, but now it seems like it's the radiation instead. The radiation nurses told us that it's probably a side effect of the spinal radiation, as some lower-energy radiation is likely hitting parts of the stomach after passing through the spine, causing irritation. So far Gravol has been working for relief, but we're still trying to find a dose that makes him feel better without knocking him out cold for a few hours - hopefully today we'll find out if we've got it right.

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