Sunday, July 25, 2010

While we're on the topic of hair . . .

Those of you who see us regularly know that Julianna has always had long blond hair.  Well, almost always.  It was dark when she was born, but even then, her hair was longer than most newborns' hair.  She got her first haircut at 5 months, and by the time she was 2, her hair was at her waist.  It has been long ever since.

Julianna's hair is fine and thick, and it tangles incredibly easily.  It takes lots of work to keep it brushed and Julianna has gotten tired of all the brushing lately.  We've been telling her for a while that maybe it should be cut so it's easier to manage.  She hasn't wanted to give up the long hair, so she starts taking better care of it.  For a while.  Tonight, she surprised me by telling me she wanted to cut it.   But, she wanted to cut it only if we could donate it to make wigs for kids with cancer.  We found instructions here, and I cut her hair.  We'll be sending the 10 inch long ponytails we cut off to either Angel Hair for Kids, or Hair For Kids Program.

I'm so proud of her.  She's growing up.


  1. Congratulations Julianna. You did a very brave and worth while thing to help others!! Someone will really appreciate your beautiful hair and you can grow more! So proud of you for thinking of donating your hair all by yourself! You did a very good thing!

  2. Awe, that was so sweet of Julianna to do!! It was a very mature thing to to, Julianna is very mature for her age!!! I`m so proud of you sweetheart!!!! Give Kol a hug from me!!!

  3. Way to go Julianna!!