Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In other news, sleep deprivation makes you dumb.

Monday was a busy day. Busier than it needed to be.

I was up late Sunday night - I don't remember exactly what I was working on, but at the time it seemed important enough to justify staying up late to finish. I think I got to bed around 2AM, and we were up at 7:30AM so we could get to Saskatoon in time for Kol's appointments on Monday. At some point during the day, we couldn't find a form required for Birgitte's MRI on Tuesday, and so it was decided that I should drive back to Outlook to find it. On my way out of the city, I stopped to pick up a cell phone charger, as my phone's battery was dead and my charger was mysteriously missing as well.

After multiple construction delays on the 219, I arrived home in Outlook, and started looking for the missing form. After searching for 10 minutes or so, I started worrying, and called Kristen for suggestions on where to look. After searching for nearly an hour, in desperation, I decided to check the van one more time... and there it was, sitting right on the console between the front seats.

After sheepishly calling Kristen to let her know that (1) the missing form had been found and (2) her husband was something of a dope, I went up to my bedroom to grab a couple other small things that had been left behind. I discovered that I had completely forgotten to pack my CPAP (sleep apnea mask), so I packed it up. Inside one of the compartments of my CPAP case, I discovered... my missing cell phone charger that I had just purchased a replacement for.

I drove back to Saskatoon in utter shame that night.

Anyhow, enough about me.

Kol's radiation treatments continue to go well - he's now a third of the way through them. He got his PICC line inserted on Monday without any real trouble, except that because of his size, they had to use a smaller line that needs to be flushed daily instead of weekly (we now have a box full of saline and heparin syringes for that purpose). Chemotherapy treatment #3 is on Wednesday, along with radiation treatment #11.

Birgitte's MRI on Tuesday morning went well - she didn't appear to be scared, didn't have any adverse reaction to the general anesthetic, and is pretty much back to her old self. We have a meeting scheduled with her neurologist in early August. She's at the next dose level of her medication (it ramps up to the full dose over a 5-6 week period) with no sign of side effects yet, so that's promising.

The girls (Julianna, Mari, and Birgitte) are heading down to Regina with Mom and Dad tomorrow. Kol is looking forward to checking out the Saskatoon library while they're away.

And I am going to get some sleep now.


  1. Well, Kirk, you're not the only Friggstad who overlooks things when overtired. Tuesday, 1:30 am, Davin is having another rough night, teething those awful two-year-old molars. He kept throwing up the Tylenol. So while Bo cleans him up, I get in the van and drive way across town to the 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart. Once there, I receive a phone call from Bo: he had found a chewable Gravol, and now Davin was asleep and he was about to go back to sleep. So, I managed to only get 5 hours of sleep before the little boy I babysit arrived. Bo didn't get much more. Well, that's life, and nothing worth complaining about when we stop to think about what you all are going through. You all are often in our thoughts and prayers. Mette's really looking forward to her play date with your girls (and possibly Ulla's girls, too.) Good night from Bo & Miena

  2. Be easy on yourself and try to get some R and R whenever possible. Lifting you up in prayers!

  3. I feel your pain, Kirk. You have a very good excuse as to why your brain is malfunctioning. I however,never found the instructions or the charger to my memory so it's in constant need of repair.

    We will continue to pray for you all. As the person above said, "Be easy on yourself..."

  4. BTW, love the Next Generation pics! I'd love to get a pic of Picard doing the 'Picard maneuver' with his jacket!

    Keep your chin up!
    The Simpson's