Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two down, twenty-eight to go.

We just got back from Kol's second radiation treatment.  He and the 5 girls (Kol's sisters and 2 cousins) are now doing a scavenger hunt that Julianna arranged.  They are all running around, making lots of noise, and giggling.  I have a silly grin on my face from listening to them.

We will be going to the cancer center every weekday for the next 28 treatments.  He will have weekends off - I think August 17th is his last day.  Every Wednesday during that time, Kol will be getting another dose of the chemo.  After the last radiation treatment, Kol will have at least 6 weeks with no further treatments, in order to allow the bone marrow to be replenished, and to get his blood counts up. 

Tomorrow, we will be taking the whole family to the Cancer Center so that the girls can see what is happening to Kol - so that it isn't such a mystery.  It should also help them to understand what Kol is going through.


  1. Your continued strength, faith, and positive attitude is inspirational! Continued prayers from across the sea and continental US :)


  2. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us
    Our prayers are with Kol to be brave and have
    patience,and the family as they support him.

    Sandra & Guenther Mohr
    from Canada