Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing camp

I just realized tonight that this is the start of Family Week at Kinasao. We've been there the past two years, and we were looking forward to being there again this year, before Kol got sick. It seems a bit trivial, but I feel kind of sad that we won't be there this week.

For anyone at Family Week that happens to be reading this: hope you're having a great time, we wish we could be there with you, and hopefully we'll catch you next year!


  1. I think I can speak for all of us here at Family Camp when I say that we miss you and wish you were here! You are in our constant prayers and even if you can't be here physically, you are definitely here in our hearts.

  2. Hi Kirk and Family

    We were very saddened to hear the details of your son's diagnosis. We have been through experiences that you and your family are having because of our fight with neuroblastoma in our son, Jordan. In times of profound challenges, I encourage you to look for support from your family and friends. Try each day to look for positives to focus on.
    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.
    Derek Hopkins
    Victoria, BC