Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another quiet day

Today was a relatively quiet day. Treatment doesn't start until noon on weekends, so we got to sleep in a bit longer than usual. Aside from a bit of a nap during treatment, Kol was awake and alert pretty much all day long, and had no painkillers since waking up in the morning. Some more LEGO was built, some TV was watched, and a nice day at the hotel was had. I (Kirk), on the other hand, had a nasty headache when we returned from the clinic, and ended up taking a major dose of Advil and sleeping for a few hours - feels like Kol and I switched roles for a bit today.

One thing has re-entered our life in the past few days that we hadn't noticed was missing - music. A couple days ago, while waiting in the van for something (I believe Kristen was picking up a prescription at Walgreen), I suddenly realized that we hadn't had any music playing since we left Outlook, so I plugged my iPod into the van's stereo system and got some tunes going. We didn't realize how much we missed it until we had it again. The alarm clock in our hotel suite also has an iPod connector, so tonight we had some soft music going while the kids were going to sleep. It's been a good addition to our life here - now if there was some way to get a piano here, things would be just about perfect. Probably can't fit a baby grand into the hotel elevator though, at least not without drawing some attention.

In less than 24 hours, Julianna and Mari will be here, along with Dad. When I was talking with them on the phone tonight, I started to (jokingly) say something to the effect of "when I see you guys at the airport, don't you dare start crying" but almost started crying in the middle of saying it - I'm even getting a little weepy typing this right now. It's another one of those things that I probably won't completely realize how much I missed until it's back. There will be tears, hugs, laughs, and it will be good. I can't wait.


  1. How wonderful it will be for all of you to be there together..and have Grandpa with you as well. Tears are good - they wash the eyeballs...just let them flow.

    The Fasts

  2. Hooray for Reunions......this will be a glorious one! Enjoy! You all deserve it.

    Thinking of and praying for you all constantly......

    All our Love,
    Jo and Greg

  3. I am so glad the girls will be with you tomorrow. It's so good to hear that Kol had a good day. We keep praying. Khaya still has his sad moments, but is so excited when I read to him that Kol is feeling better. Kol is definaltely missed here Nd we can t wait for you to all get back!

  4. Hi...thinking of you tonight and thankful that your family will be together. Awesome of your Dad to make the trip as well. Praying to Kol!
    Love, Jake & Joanne

  5. I'm glad you'll all be together!