Monday, January 30, 2012

Suprises and goodbyes

1:This is Kolbjorn BLOGGING!
2:I HAVE 2 TREATMENT DAYS LEFT! (after today)
3:I got a few new books (WHICH ARE AWESOME!).

Like my mom had said, it is going to be hard to say goodbye, like to the radiation nurses and doctors.

Grandpa left today. *sniff*.

AND that ends my VERY FIRST and VERY SHORT blog post!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!


  1. i am happy you are doing better this is cassie i have a surprise for you when you get back

  2. Kol! It's so good to read words from you! Khaya can't wait til you are back. He's been missing you and praying for you. Take care.

  3. dear kol, its leah I'm glad your feeling better! i saw the star war pictures that seemed like it was lots of FUN! I hope your back soon.

    Hi Kol from the rest of us too!!!!

  4. Wonderful words by Mr. Kolbjorn! Thank you for posting them! I am truly grateful to God for your treatment in Tulsa and the fun you have had with Star Wars characters. Your Dad will atest to the fact I do not know that much about Star Wars! I cried, just a little bit, when Grandpa posted you and he went on a walk to the mall ~ such memories for you both!Keep up the good work in getting better. We at Arl. Free Methodist Church are praying for your recovery. With much love and fondness, Mrs. "G" (Cynthia)

  5. Hi Kol,
    I heard you were a Sith Lord now and the storm topper and scout trooper came. I like your very first and very short blog.
    From Khaya