Monday, January 23, 2012

The girls are here!

Our family is together again, and we are so happy! Kol was asleep when we got the girls (and Dad) to the hotel, so he wasn't posing for a picture, but the little girls were sure glad to see them.

Another good day for Kol. It's been over 36 hours since he's needed morphine, and he's only had a single dose of Tylenol in that time, so that feels like progress. Whether it's just the bleed healing, or actual tumor shrinkage, it's impossible to say, but it feels good nonetheless.

Today was day 10 of Kol's treatment, which means we're halfway through. Hard to believe we'll be on our way home in less than two weeks. Thank you all for your prayers and support so far.


  1. Yay! So good to see everyone together! I'm so happy to hear Kol is needing less morphine. What a blessing. We pray he continues to get better.

  2. So great to have all the kids with you guys and the extra support of your Dad too....happy to hear Kol is feeling some relief...we hope things keep on all are continually in my thoughts and prayers...

  3. So glad that you are all together again! What a joyous picture! We're so glad that Kol is needing less morphine and feeling/acting more like himself again. We continue to pray for you all, for strength, hope, comfort and continued improvement for Kol. We're also thankful that you've found a suitable place for your whole family to stay where you can relax and not worry about making too much noise. Thank-you for writing and keeping us all up to date as to how it's going. Thinking of you, The Behennas

  4. Wonderful news! Lots to give thanks for in our prayers tonight! Love from the Linsleys