Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...and a quiet night...

An uneventful night last night for all of us - Kristen got a decent sleep at Mom and Dad's, I got a half-decent sleep in the PICU, and I think it went pretty well for Kol. He's still dealing with some pain, so he's still getting Tylenol or morphine occasionally - the morphine makes him pretty sleepy, so that helps too.

Other than that, there's not much news - the MRI is still scheduled for 1:30PM today, and hopefully he'll be out of PICU after that.

Before I forget again, I want to give a  big shout-out to the PICU nurses who have taken such good care of Kol over the past few days (Sam, Scott, Jamie, Stephanie, Deanna, Teresa, and Twyla) and to the doctors and surgeons as well (Dr. Vitali and Dr. Ogle, and others whose names I've unfortunately forgotten) - thanks so much to all of you!

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