Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday afternoon update

Couldn't think of a more creative title than that, sorry. Blame sleep deprivation for that, I guess. :-)

Kol's been doing OK today - still has some headaches and a bit of nausea, but he's been eating regular food, and it still looks like he's on track for having the drain removed soon. The physiotherapist stopped by today to talk about getting Kol up and moving again - really, he hasn't been moving very much since the headaches started last Tuesday, and hasn't been vertical at all since arriving at the RUH ER just over a week ago, so it's time to get him mobile again. We're also hoping to hear soon from a speech pathologist - it'll be good to hear him talk again (aside from spontaneous outbursts, he still hasn't really talked, but he has been able to write us notes, so it looks like it's just a speech thing). His memory, both short term and long term, appears to be normal, which is good - the neurologist has been asking us to keep an eye on that as well.

I don't think we've posted this before - the tumor that was removed was about 4cm in diameter, so it was pretty sizable.

Kol has really enjoyed all the Well Wishes that everyone has been sending - over the past four days, we've received about 40 messages, and his face has lit up when we've read them to him. He has really enjoyed the jokes that many of you have sent, and has laughed out loud at a number of them (I really, really enjoy hearing that right now!) He has also enjoyed books - we've been reading out loud from one of the books he got from his cousins Thane and Haydn, and Kol read a Bone graphic novel from cover to cover last night (thanks Uncle Leif and Auntie Heidi).

Kristen, Julianna, Birgitte and Annika are over visiting the McWilliams this afternoon, before I take the big girls back to Outlook for the Relay for Life. Mari went back to school yesterday afternoon and today. We'll be at the Relay for Life for most of the evening, but will probably head back to Mom and Dad's afterwards, as Julianna is doing her piano exam Saturday morning in Saskatoon. Mom and Dad are gone to the lake for a couple days - they haven't had much time to relax since getting back from Europe on Sunday, so I'm glad they're getting a chance to get away. Hopefully we'll be getting together with Lynnae this weekend as well. Julianna has a piano recital back in Outlook on Sunday, and a band practice and concert on Tuesday - not sure if we'll be able to make it to those events or not.

Hope you all have a good weekend - I'll probably see a bunch of you at the Relay for Life tonight! Thanks again for all the prayers and support.


  1. You sound like you're being totally sustained by prayer right now (which is not a bad thing)! Glad to hear Kol is doing much better and that you, Kristen and the family are holding up well. We look forward to seeing you tonight at the Relay for Life.

    All the best to you and we're still praying for you all!

    Julie S.

  2. Wow, certainly feels like a roller coaster, and I'm just reading it. You're living it.
    I'm going to be up at RUH on Monday morning for bloodwork (11:00ish), if you (Kirk and/or Kristen) would be available to meet in the mall area for a coffee, give me a call at home. We're away for the weekend, but will be back Sunday evening.
    Also, if Kol is looking for some light reading material, we have lots of Archie comics, if he's interested in them, I can bring them along.

    You continue to be in our prayers
    "Let's keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps His word. - Heb. 10:23

    Shelley Froese