Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bite-sized updates

If you look over to the left sidebar, you'll see that we've started doing quick status updates on Twitter - if you're a Twitter user, you can follow @KolUpdate to keep up-to-date. I'm hoping to get things set up so that new blog posts will create a new tweet, but probably won't have that ready for another day or so.

If you don't use Twitter, no worries - you'll see the five newest updates in the sidebar, and you can click on the "Follow me on Twitter" link to see older updates.


  1. Just wanted to le3t you know that we are keeping the group up-to-date on Kol's progress. They are very interested and have been praying daily for Kol's speedy and full recovery and for God to be watching over your fami8ly. We are looking forward to returning home in the next few days and will be ready and willing to help in any way we can. Love and best wishes from the Weiterman's in Rome

  2. How are you.I miss you.Hope you get well soon.Bye bye