Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the move

Kol moved over to the general pediatric ward at about 4PM today - he's in the observation room, which means that he's being monitored closely, but not quite as closely as in PICU. Leaving PICU is a little bittersweet - we're so happy because of the progress that he's made, but at the same time I miss the nurses and other staff from PICU. No disrespect intended to the nurses and staff in the regular pediatric ward - it was just so reassuring to know that there was someone whose only job was to watch over our son and make sure that he's still OK, and now we have to share the nurses with the other patients. Guess I just liked that he was the center of attention. Also, the ward has set visiting hours (2:00 to 8:30 PM, I believe), whereas the PICU had no restrictions on when people could visit, so that means we'll have to plan and co-ordinate visits a little better - fortunately, the visiting hours don't apply to the parents, so we can still spend as much time as we need with Kol and come and go as needed.

Kol's been pretty quiet this afternoon and evening, sleeping quite a bit. I hope that's due to being sedated for the MRI. He did manage to eat some "real food" today, though (a popsicle and a bit of ice cream), so that's a good sign.

The extended Friggstad clan threw a "rice mush" party tonight at Hagens' - basically an excuse to get the family together. Kristen insisted that I should go, and I'm glad she did - it was great to touch base with cousins, aunts and uncles outside the hospital walls.

Finally, I'm a little frustrated with our laptop - it's having trouble getting a WiFi signal in the pediatric ward, even though my iPod Touch and my Acer netbook are able to connect. Admittedly, the signal is still pretty week, but considering that these supposedly low-powered systems are able to connect, I'm quite disappointed that the laptop isn't. I know I've got the settings right - I've been able to connect sometimes, but not nearly as consistently as my other devices. Not sure what to do about that.

Kristen's taking the night shift tonight at the hospital, and I'm at Mom and Dad's to sleep tonight. I think I'd better wrap this up for now. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and encouragement.


  1. I have been reading your posts with a lot of fear, a lot of courage and strength for you, a lot of faith, hope and love. At times like this the greatest of these is all three. You are such a beautiful family, my prayers, the prayers of my prayer circle and my entire congregation Christ Trinity are with you. I thank God for the good things that are happening, and the many miracles God is working now in your lives.
    with much love Jason Anderson

  2. Just want you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are looking forward to when you can be home again - hopefully sooner than anticipated due to Kol's great progress!
    Tony & Betty