Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another CT Scan

We just got a call from the Cancer Clinic this morning. The Radiation Oncologist would like another CT scan - the last one still showed post-op swelling and the hydrocephalus or excess fluid in Kol's brain. The scan is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00 - it will be his fourth one. It is amazing and scary to us how quickly Kol has gotten in for CT scans, and MRIs. Of course we are impatient, and want things to move quickly, but it really seems urgent when even 'jaded medical staff' bypass the normal channels for him. I think that is what shocked me most when Kirk told me about the mass in the first place - it was certainly a shock that Kol had a tumor, but it was really shocking that they were sending him for an MRI immediately. In contrast, Birgitte's neurologist wants her to have an MRI, but said that because there is such a long waiting list, that would probably be in about 4 months.

As always, we thank you for your prayer support through all of this, and we ask for continued prayers for this CT scan. It would be wonderful if the doctors couldn't find the tumor on tomorrow's scan. Whatever happens, we know that Kol is in God's hands, and He is capable of all. God has already worked a miracle in our lives by creating such a wonderful support group around us, and for all the prayers and answered prayers in the last 20 days. To God Be The Glory for what He is doing.


  1. Bo and Miena FriggstadJune 15, 2010 at 11:34 PM

    As you know, I (Miena) am waiting for knee surgery and still struggling with complications with my shoulder due to the accident at Easter time. I have been booked for MRIs before and have been bumped for an emergency. At the time, I was upset, but now after reading what you just wrote, I understand why I was bumped and am happy to do it if it was for someone in the same position as Kol. I am rebooked for MRIs on both my knee and my shoulder for mid-July. I pray that Birgitte will not have to wait as long as they say. We are praying not only for Kol & Birgitte, but for you two and mom & dad/Ob & Con as well. We can't imagine how stressful this is for all of you. We pray that God will give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Lots of love & prayers from
    Bo & Miena

  2. I am thankful that the medical system is giving Kol the best they have to give. I know that they have made so many advances over the years in treatments and Kol is showing an amazing resilience and strength. We are praying for you all constantly.

  3. Hey Kristen and Kirk....just read your latest update....we are in a continuous posture of prayer for Kol and all of you.....and we too hope for the "miracle of the missing tumor"....we hope the CT scan brings good and hopeful news.....we too are thankful that the medical team are moving quickly to give Kol the very best shot at beating this (even tho' it's scary).
    I also want to acknowledge that we are in prayer for Grandma Sandra and Grandpa and Grandma Friggstad, and all Kol's aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends on both sides of family, and of course the girls......we know they all feel tremendous pain too.....
    Try to keep enjoying "home life" as best you can amidst the medical maze.
    We will keep in touch often as we prepare for the move...if you have a brief second, please ask God to go before us and prepare a safe place of healing and peace for me/us to restore/regain health.....we appreciate your love and prayers very much.....
    Thinking of you every day (several times) and loving you ALL,
    Jo and Greg
    p.s. Kristen, did you find out any useful info from the Chelation staff or the Best Doctors program? Love You, Jo

  4. It was soo soo good to see Kol at Sunday School on Sunday and having his enthusiastic "good morning" as usual! Continued prayers for all of you!