Sunday, June 6, 2010

Julianna was right - this time

Someone said tonight that we were being tested. They might be right.

Julianna told Kirk on Friday evening as they were on their way back to Saskatoon after Birgitte's seizure that she had heard bad things happen in threes, and wondered what would be next. Kirk said 3 is a crowd, 2 is enough. Neither Kirk or I really believe the superstitions - anyone can find a pattern if they look hard enough.

I came home tonight with the girls. Julianna's piano recital was tonight, and Mari will go to school tomorrow. Julianna will probably stay until after her band concert. On our way home, we had a tire blow out on us. I drove over something, and we heard a bang and then the van started shaking. Julianna said that was the third bad thing. If that means that this is the end of 'bad things', I'll take a flat tire any day.

We were on 219, just past where the road was down to one lane due to construction. Within 3 minutes after I pulled over, I had 2 trucks with road construction workers stopped beside me. They used the hydraulic jack from one of the trucks, and one of them took out the spare while the other guy took off the old tire. The dirt was soft on the side of the road, and the jack sunk in a bit, so we had to dig some to get the new tire in. There was a spade in one of the trucks. The tire iron in the van was tiny. They had a much stronger, ratcheting one. It probably took less than 20 minutes to get the tire changed, and we made it to Outlook in just enough time to stop at Subway and get to the recital. If I had to change the tire myself, it would have taken forever.

God was watching out for us again. If that tire had blown out 1 minute earlier, we would have been following the pilot vehicle through the middle of construction vehicles, with a whole line of cars behind us and no where to pull over: any later, and I would have had to change the tire myself.

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  1. Praise the Lord for His timing! If that isn't a miracle then I don't know what is!