Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Waiting

Kol had his follow-up CT scan today. It showed that his ventricle(s) is (are? I don't remember if the Dr said just one, or both) bigger than it was on his last one. That's not a good sign. It might mean that his body isn't draining the CSF, or brain fluid properly. However, Kol is doing well - he still has headaches, which is a concern, but he has no hyperemesis, (extreme vomiting) he has good muscle control, his strength is coming back, and he is alert and is able to communicate. The neuro surgical team decided to wait one more day with the drain in, and clamped, and, if Kol remains stable, they will remove the drain tomorrow. The neuro surgical resident said that "He will declare himself in the next day." by how he reacts too being clamped. They won't do any more scans - rather they will judge by his symptoms whether or not to remove the drain.

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