Friday, June 18, 2010

It's been quiet around here...

Obviously we haven't had much earth-shattering news to report in the past few days, which is probably a good thing. Here's a few small updates for everyone:

  • Kol's CT scan on Wednesday afternoon went smoothly. We likely won't hear anything about it until we meet with the oncologist on Monday.
  • The results from Mayo clinic are back, and pretty much confirm the original diagnosis, so no surprises there.
  • We got the bandage off of Kol's head that was covering where the EVD (drain) was, and it turns out that the stitches aren't the dissolving kind, so we'll be going in to the Outlook medical clinic this afternoon to get them removed.
  • Kol and I have cleared World 1 in New Super Mario Brothers Wii (what marketing genius came up with that convoluted name anyhow?), and are now starting on World 2. I'm sure you were all just on the edge of your seats waiting for that bit of important news! Seriously, though, it's a fun game, and Kol and I have been having a blast playing together.
We're still scheduled to see the radiation oncologist on Monday morning, and hopefully we'll get the treatment "road map" laid out so we have a better idea of what the next few months are going to look like for us.

Thanks to everyone who has helped or offered to help in so many different ways! In the past week we've had people helping us with our garden, doing laundry, watching our kids while we take Kol in to appointments in Saskatoon, and probably a bunch of other things that I'm completely forgetting right now.

And as always, thanks to everyone for their prayers, well wishes, and encouragement. You have lifted our family and carried us through the past three weeks, and I can't imagine how we would have survived this without all of you. Thank you, and I hope that someday we can be as much of a blessing to you as you have been to us.

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  1. Jake & JoanneJune 18, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    We were looking forward to your update. Thank you. Just wanted to tell you that the Relay for Life is happening in the Comox Valley this weekend. Nancy, one of our cheerful WestJet staff will be walking for Kol at 9:30 PM on Saturday. We are all in this battle together. Love, Jake and Joanne