Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick update on Birgitte

Birgitte had an EEG scan Wednesday morning, and we met with a neurologist Wednesday afternoon. The diagnosis is generalized epilepsy, which doesn't come as much of a surprise to us, but it's good to know for sure. The doctor has prescribed some medication (the name of which escapes me at the moment) that should prevent any further seizures, supposedly with very few side effects. We'll have to add this to our list of things to research before we make any decisions here as well, but in light of everything else that has happened in the past two weeks, this doesn't feel like a very big burden. Kristen or I will update a bit more on this soon.

Time for some sleep. Thanks again to everyone for the prayers, encouragement, visits, gifts, etc. over the past two weeks - our whole family has been so blessed by your support, it's hard to find the words to express how grateful we feel, so all I can say right now is a simple "thank you", and good night.


  1. We have been in prayer for your family - what a terrible time for you all! With both children having something that effects the brain - i would begin to consider a hazard in the home - or close by surroundings - the most common these days are 1) cell towers and cell phones 2) chordless phones 3) radio based technologies like wii's baby monitors, waki talkies - etc., 4) too close of contact with TV's and other EMF devices. In the least please research these things and pin point what the cause is - I am feeling both these things are no coincdence - but that is just me. Our prayers are with you for healing - strength and wisdom. You could talk to your naturopath as well about what the sources may be.

  2. Ann (Follick) FillionJune 13, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    praying for all of you -- such a tough time, for everyone! Thinking of you all, my heart goes out to you!